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All your banks and all your accounts on a single platform

View one account, or several at once
Check your cash flow and avoid overdrafts
A Fygr dashboard is displayed on a computer screen. The inset shows that Fygr manages connectivity with over 300 banks.
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"The tool sucked in and digested almost 9 months of bank transactions. And almost instantly offered me a graph to visualize revenues and expenses."
Romain Jouannaud, Founder - Agence crush
Zoom in on the graphics functionality of Fygr, cash management and forecasting software for small businesses, SMEs and startups.

In the blink of an eye a clear, personalized view of your cash flow

Define categories that reflect your business 
Thanks to our algorithms, you can quickly obtain an overview of your business's cash flow.
Profile picture Titouan Parand
"I feel more confident now. Before it was a grey area, now I know it's managed."
Titouan Parand, Founder of X-Tract

Control your cash flow and reduce your costs

Easily view your total expenses by category, down to the smallest detail. 
Take a step back from your situation
Eliminate unnecessary expenses
Zoom in on the table view of Fygr, cash management and forecasting software for VSEs, SMEs and startups.
Profile photo Astrid Boyer
"I have a lot of fun doing 'what if' scenarios. Above all, there's been less mental burden. The burden of not making mistakes."
Astrid Boyer, Founder of Billy Agency
Zoom in on the Scenario Forecast feature of Fygr, the cash management and forecasting software for VSEs, SMEs and startups.

Make the best decisions with complete peace of mind

Our algorithms instantly build a cash flow forecast... 
... that you can customize 100%.

Fygr in your pocket every day

Access the balance of all your accounts
Categorize your transactions and take photos of your receipts
Mobile view of the Fygr application, cash management and forecasting software for VSEs, SMEs and startups.

Managing your cash flow doesn't have to be difficult

Entrust your financial management to Fygr, take back control of your cash movements, and say goodbye to manual number crunching. 

The security of your data is a to priority for Fygr

Secure data hosting at AWS, the world's #1 cloud provider, in Frankfurt
Use of leading banking aggregators (Bridge, Budget Insight, Fintecture)
Data security is a top priority for Fygr, cash management and forecasting software for VSEs, SMEs and startups.

Frequently asked questions

How long does it take to create a Fygr account?

It takes less than 5 minutes to create your account. Once you've created your account, you can start automating your cash management straight away.

I'm not an accountant, can I use Fygr?

Fygr lets you monitor and forecast your cash flow without having to master accounting: you transform your bank flows directly into cash flows, so you're back in control of your business.  

I already have a chartered accountant. Can I use Fygr?

Fygr is specially designed to facilitate exchanges between a company and its chartered accountant. With Fygr, the chartered accountant always has a real-time view of the company's cash flow, and is thus able to guide the company in its strategic choices.

How do you predict future flows?

Based on the amounts, dates and wording of your banking transactions, our algorithms capture recurring patterns in your past transactions, and are therefore able to help you project them into the future. To achieve this, Fygr uses Data Science methods(NLP, Clustering, Time Series) to offer you the smoothest, most intuitive experience possible, while guaranteeing quality predictions. For all flows that are non-recurring and/or unpredictable by definition, you can apply adjustments to obtain the most accurate predictions possible.

I have several bank accounts. How does it work?

With Fygr, you can easily aggregate your various bank accounts to obtain an exhaustive and precise view of your cash flow. This consolidated view makes it so much easier to keep track of your cash flow.

How do you deal with unforeseeable / exceptional events?

By definition, Fygr cannot predict these elements. So it's up to the user to supplement Fygr's suggestions with knowledge of their activity. It is precisely the combination of AI deployed by a tool like Fygr and human intervention that enables the development of the most accurate predictions possible.

I already have accounting software. Is it useful for me to use Fygr?

Fygr is the ideal partner for your accounting software. With Fygr, you can keep track of your day-to-day income and expense, while your accounting software helps you prepare your year-end accounts by making entries as you go along.

Can I cancel my subscription at any time?

You can cancel your subscription at any time, but we'd be very disappointed to see you go!

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